Cyber attacks happen every day to every size of business. Have you taken steps to keep your business secure?

Running a business in the digital age seems easier than ever. Crime never sleeps, though, so you must keep your business secure from cyber attacks. Luckily, Erik Gudmundson has a lot of insightful information to share with for and non-profit organizations alike on how to do just that.

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More About Pegasus Technologies

Pegasus Technologies is the IT department for many businesses and non-profit organizations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware region. The company takes care of everything from migrate cloud and server solutions to answer how-to questions from end users.

With 24/7 support, Pegasus Technologies places a strong emphasis on preventative care. Most of clients have between 5-300 computers per site, and the Pegasus team are also specialists who help larger organizations with specific technology needs.

Pegasus Technologies finds, installs, and supports the best technology to solve organizational challenges and work with owners and decision makers to create a long-term technology plan and budget.

You can contact Erik for more information at [email protected]

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