• Yoga for Squares

    Is Your Business Trapping You in a Box of Tension and Stress? Despite modern society’s constant calls for “self care” and encouragement of caring for your mental health, you still have bills to pay at the end of the day and no time to do it all. Can a daily dose of yoga help entrepreneurs…

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  • We Can Grow Together

    Our team is coming together to spread knowledge and share the love this month. Read about our community sponsorship initiatives, animation in business, and more. Knowledge is power. That’s why the Bowers R&D Associates team takes steps to ensure innovative entrepreneurs have the knowledge they need to grow and make the best business decisions. Through…

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  • Animate Your Business

    These Aren’t Your Dad’s Saturday Morning Cartoons Animation has been a big business for awhile now, just look at Disney. Unfortunately, most aspiring animators aren’t typically taught how to become entrepreneurs. Our host, Laura Berry, will dive into this fascinating world and discover how any business can become animated. In this episode, founder of Barnhouse…

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