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About Us

Dave Bowers, CEO

David Bowers, is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who has been working in the area of specialty tax since 2004.

He is an expert in locating incentives for his clients, determining their eligibility, completing the application process, negotiating the audit maze, and brokering tax credit transactions.

Dave is a graduate of Penn State University. He spends his free time enjoying his motorcycle collection, jogging and cheering for Philadelphia sports teams. [email protected]

Management Team

Laura Berry has years of experience working one-on-one with clients in demanding fields. Working on a national level, she provides expert service and R&D tax credit assistance. She personally guides clients through the R&D study process, so each one can claim the credits they deserve. She can be reached directly at [email protected]

Marsha Cook comes from a background in Sales and Marketing and has applied this knowledge in her transition to the world of tax credits. She holds the position of Sales Administrator at our niche consulting firm and is passionate about spreading the word of R&D credits to businesses who are unaware that there may be money waiting for them — money they have earned. She can be reached directly at [email protected]

Anne Fabry has an MBA in Accounting and has helped companies in a variety of industries to secure federal and state R&D Tax Credits since 2011. In her current role she works closely with new clients to assure that the process of obtaining these benefits is seamless and successful. She can be reached directly at [email protected]

Corporate Office

105 John Robert Thomas Drive,

Suite 105 | Exton, PA 19341