These Aren’t Your Dad’s Saturday Morning Cartoons

Animation has been a big business for awhile now, just look at Disney. Unfortunately, most aspiring animators aren’t typically taught how to become entrepreneurs. Our host, Laura Berry, will dive into this fascinating world and discover how any business can become animated.

In this episode, founder of Barnhouse Collective, Lee Thompson, shares tips for animators looking to break into the business, why animation in advertising can help your business stand out, and what he hopes his home state of Pennsylvania will do to fuel animation in the future.

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More About Barnhouse Collective

Barnhouse Collective creates quality content that includes:

  • Animation
  • Video
  • Creative Development
  • Multimedia

Barnhouse Collective projects have been featured at Visionaria international Film Festival, San Antonio Fantastic Film Slam, Ozark Shorts Festival, and Open World Animation Festival.

Barnhouse Collective has also pitched to and produced material for Frederator, Star- stream Entertainment, Nickelodeon, [adult swim], and Goliath Toys.

You can reach Lee at [email protected].

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