Once a Scrum-half Always a Scrum-half

Beer is a delicious creation that most of us enjoy after a long day at work. That being said, someone must work to make sure that your beer gets made in the first place. That’s where Brittany Vegso comes in.

As a project manager for Artisanal Brewing Ventures, Brittany makes sure the all the moving parts of the brewing industry come together to create that beverage we all know and love.

Now, this brings us to a very important question: Can a scrum-half ever stop telling people what to do? Brittany is living proof that, no, a scrum-half will never take her eye off the ball and will ensure that everyone knows who’s boss.

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More About Artisanal Brewing Ventures

Based in Charlotte, NC, Artisanal Brewing Ventures (ABV) is a focused family of like-minded, best-in-class craft beverage companies.

These breweries include:

  • Victory Brewing
  • Southern Tier Brewing
  • Southern Tier Distilling
  • Sixpoint Brewery
  • Bold Rock Cider

Currently ranked as a top 10 regional craft company in U.S., ABV‘s corporate teams support the family of brands through managing the “back office” work. This allows the team members who support the production of our liquids to focus on making great tasting, innovative quality craft beverages.

ABV’s shared services team is made up of accounting/finance, human resources, supply chain, marketing, & sales – all who are skilled in their space & share a love of craft beverages. Brands under the ABV umbrella maintain independence with actively involved founders and a craft focused Executive Management Team.

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