A Small State with Unlimited Potential

Only measuring in at 2,489 square miles, the state of Delaware is small but mighty. It’s almost an unconscious reaction for entrepreneurs to incorporate their businesses in this state, but do you really know why that is?

On today’s episode of Credits With Coffee, Laura Berry dives into what makes the Blue Hen state such a great place for business and learns how the state supports under represented founders with Noah Olson of Delaware Prosperity Partnership.

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More About Delaware Prosperity Partnership

Created in 2017, Delaware Prosperity Partnership (DPP) is a nonprofit state economic development agency dedicating to leading the state’s economic development efforts to attract, grow and retain businesses.

The organization also works to build a stronger entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, in addition to supporting private employers in identifying, recruiting and developing talent in Delaware.

For more information, you can contact Noah at [email protected] I 302.576.6589.

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